Pharmaceutical industry

Being the supplier for one of top 10 global pharmaceutical companies, we are well aware of the specifics of the pharmaceutical industry, especially in terms of legal regulations related to safety and quality. We also know about the other pain points of manufacturers in this area such as high inventory costs or the necessity of a complete batch traceability.

All our three applications – Production Control, Maintenance Control and Factory Cockpit – are suitable for processes in pharmaceutical manufacturing and provide you with a completely digitalized value stream map. Several modules in the Production Control application were even designed to be used in this industrial sector – such as Batch Tracking and Digital Workstation.

By implementing Production Control you can reduce inventory by up to 30% and thus set out on the path towards lean manufacturing. The Batch Tracking module allows you to trace each batch throughout the whole manufacturing process; every step of its life cycle from the beginning of production to shipping is traceable. Digital Workstation offers an extensive list of features including ongoing production tracker, quality check, production history and production declaration.

We at Productoo are ready to help pharmaceutical companies take their manufacturing processes to the next level. Join the Industry 4.0 revolution with us!