Maintenance control

Experience a new age of maintenance planning & execution

Take complete control of your maintenance processes with digitized, accelerated workflow.  No more Excel.  No more paper.  Integrate your maintenance & production teams like never before!

Equipment maintenance planning, scheduling & execution software

Use Maintenance Control to receive maintenance notifications and for scheduling of maintenance orders.  Connect it to ERP systems (e.g. SAP) or use it as a standalone solution.  As changes are made, maintenance & production teams are notified in back offices and on the shop floor paperlessly and in real-time.

Connected software ecosystem our software connects with yours!

Meets Industry 4.0 standards & CriteriaConnect to ERP & 3rd party applicationsDashboards & Reporting

Main features and solution highlights of Maintenance Control

From maintenance planning to shop floor execution to spare parts consumption, Maintenance Control covers the full scope of your maintenance operations.  Using and ERP system?  We connect to it.  Want a standalone system?  We will deliver it.
Maintenance Control works the way you do!

Plan Maintenance like a pro

Master Data for Maintenance in One Place.  Synchronize or Standalone.

  • Equipment & Production Lines
  • Spare Parts & Suppliers
  • Technician team

Maintenance Notifications are centralized and accessible in back office planning desks, directly on the shop floor, or anywhere you are.  Supported maintenance types are:

  • Preventive
  • Predictive
  • Corrective (non-breakdown)
  • Breakdown

Predictive data analysis

Receive Maintenance Notifications from Information-enabled equipment.

Too hot, too cold, too long, not enough.  Data captured from equipment sensors can automatically generate maintenance requests from out of tolerance metrics such as:

  • temperature
  • pressure
  • fluid levels
  • time-based utilization
  • …and more

Sequencing & Assignment of Maintenance Orders

(a.k.a. Maintenance Scheduling)

Digitize your work flow

Maintenance Orders are prioritized and sequenced according to configured severity levels.  Assignment to technicians can be configured automatically or by drag & drop for full control.

On the shop floor…be connected!

Update technicians on the shop floor in real-time

The true power of Maintenance Control is to have all all equipment related information available to technicians on the shop floor.  Planning is done in the back office.  Technicians are notified and updated in real-time on the shop floor.  No paper, fewer meetings, less time!

Maintenance Task Instructions

Central location for all maintenance tasks & documentation

Give access to maintenance technicians anywhere they are.  Additionally, maintenance tasks are combined with the following data to optimize resource planning and keep production lines running!

  • task duration
  • required spare parts
  • qualified technicians

Spare parts reservation & consumption

Assigned Maintenance Orders automatically reserve spare parts in the warehouse.

Safety stock levels trigger notifications for ordering more spare parts

Closed Maintenance Orders trigger consumption of the spare parts and are instantly reported by to ERP or other 3rd party connected applications

Dashboards & Reporting for Maintenance

Just login and know what to do.

Customized dashboards for easier decision making

Performance indicators to inform you of production discrepancies

Push notifications to alert you when processes need attention

* dashboards can be designed according to your requirements


Accelerate your maintenance team

the team that will love using Maintenance Control

Maintenance managers, maintenance planners, chief technicians, maintenances technicians, spare parts managers, and more.

Maintenance Control brings the entire team together and accelerates their everyday workflow.

Always up to date and paperless!

Maintenance Planners

Receive maintenance plans for 3rd party system or generate them inside Productoo

Automate maintenance scheduling or use drag & drop for full control

Know the exact status of all maintenance notifications & orders

Repair Technicians

Finger tip access from anywhere to everything: maintenance schedules, work instructions, equipment maintenance records, and more…

Spare Parts Managers

Always in-the-know where spare parts are concerned.

Receive notifications when reserved & consumed parts are below safety stock levels

Maintenance Control – the details. Everything you need to know.

Productoo is FLEXIBLE.  Not just our application features & connectivity, but also our teams and the way we do business.  As Industry 4.0 evolves, so do we.  We appreciate that every customer is unique and welcome new challenges.  The following information is a representation of our broad experience with customers up till now.  If there is something you would like to see, but isn’t shown, let’s talk!


There are no obstacles, only opportunities

Connected Apps & ModulesLicensingMaintenance & SupportCustom DevelopmentProfessional ServicesTechnical Requirements

Looking for a feature that’s not displayed here?

We can customize the application according your needs or make a custom development

From customization and digitalization of workflow to custom features, our talented development team knows that our applications need to work for users in the way they need them to work.

As needs evolve, so does Productoo!

Adding more flexibility to Maintenance Control. Maintenance technician assigned to a specific task can hand it over to someone else. Also useful in situations if some tasks of the order are performed first by mechanic, later by electrician, etc.

Maintenance Control

Evolution ID

Improved filtering and reporting for finished maintenance orders. Possibility to re-enter finished Maintenance order.

Maintenance Control

Evolution ID

When using the mobile module of Maintenance Control, technicians have multiple ways to describe the issue he is dealing with. Not only can they add notes but alsorecord and upload audio, video and photos.

Maintenance Control

Evolution ID

Adding preventive planning to Maintenance Control Settings (customization). It enables the creation of plans for preventive maintenance which are independent of an ERP system – i.e. fully managed in Maintenance Control.

Maintenance Control

Evolution ID

User’s feedback input when closing maintenance orders. Entering the exact time spent on the order together with the consumed material. Useful feature for reporting so everything is traceable and always easy to look up.

Maintenance Control

Evolution ID

In addition to the technician and equipment calendars we are now adding Global calendar with overview of all maintenance orders at specific date. Possible view in daily, weekly and monthly format.

Maintenance Control

Evolution ID

Keep in touch with maintenance from anywhere.  Go mobile!

No matter if you’re out your office. Stay in touch with your business by our outstanding mobile app, which lets you conveniently access many features of Productoo software in your cellphone. Enjoy useful realtime stats, current overviews, emergency push notifications and much more.

Available for iOS and Android devices

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