Automotive industry

Flexible, efficient, reliable. That’s Smart Factory solutions for the automotive industry

The automotive industry is characterised by a high level of process standardization. Following in the footsteps of Toyota, automotive manufacturers share similar principles, often referred to as “lean manufacturing.”

Productoo team has spent years working with these manufacturers, providing consultancy and implementation services. Since we supply our solutions to the most valuable producers, we constantly push ourselves, always thinking about how we can make our solutions even more efficient.

No process reengineering

This all means that we are familiar with most of the processes that large manufacturers use. Moreover, our solutions are highly customizable and can be adjusted to fit multiple production strategies. Therefore, in most cases, there is no need for process reengineering. The software will adapt to you.

Go lean – start small

However, it doesn’t mean that only large manufacturers can benefit from Smart Factory solutions. Productoo gives smaller scale manufacturers the opportunity to start using software that can help them meet the standards of global companies. These standards evolve around lean manufacturing and Industry 4.0, and it might be challenging for small producers to achieve this transformation. Our solutions follow lean principles (such as ekanban or andon) and allow businesses to set out on the path of continuous improvement or “kaizen.” You don’t need to implement the solutions in their full scope. Start with the scope that fits your current processes, and add new functionalities gradually as you improve your process management.

Multiple production strategies

The Production Control app covers various production strategies including:

  • assemble-to-order (for assembling large amounts of goods based on customer orders)
  • make-to-order (for managing the whole upstream process including the production of semi-finished goods, batch building and BOM functionality)
  • make-to-stock (with automatic material replenishment based on forecasting)

Implement it together with Maintenance Control and Factory Cockpit and get a digital ecosystem for the most efficient production and maintenance planning and monitoring.

Full service

Our consultants, as well as our partners in a number of countries around the world, “speak your language” and understand the standard processes of the automotive industry. The whole Productoo team is ready to provide you with the full service.

We don’t just give you software – we offer you a solution.

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